Privacy and Your Data

As a developer of this website and other projects, I am aware of the harmful use that can be made of data collection through the use of cookies. By developing this website from scratch I have been able to maintain the use of cookies to the minimum necessary, to give you an idea:
  • If you decide to use this website without registering an account, the website will not use any cookies.
  • If you decide to use this website by registering an account, the website only needs 3 cookies to operate correctly. I need them so that your browser and my server do not forget each other every time you open the website.
Note: This website is multilingual but the identification of the user's language is not done with any cookie, but through the request sent by the web browser.
Your Data

If you decide to register an account on the website, I want to be as transparent as possible and I promise that I will only use your data 'inside the website, not outside'. But if you have doubts that I might turn evil, you can delete your account at any time from 'Personal Data' or download all the data I have about you.
In fact, on this website I am not going to use services like Google Analytics, although Google will surely punish me in its search engine for it.