Approximately 150 €, I must pay the server, domain and various licenses. Although the total cost can be considered expensive, I prefer to pay a server always operational and with professional service.

Through the affiliates of the stores that pay with money like Humble or Fanatical. But there are problems with these affiliates, because if for example you buy a bundle today, I will not have my amount available per affiliate until the following month and apart I must reach a minimum to receive my money. So in practice it can take half a year until I receive the money you have given me today.

I want to keep the web clean so I will not use ads, I prefer to beg for donations than to put annoying banners.

I would cover the missing part of paying with what I would earn from, but I would like this website to be economically independent.

Just talking about my website in forums or communities already helps me a lot, and apart from buying the games you like with my affiliates, you have these options:


You can donate money to me by choosing the Paypal service that is most convenient for you

Humble Bundle

When you go to buy a bundle you can choose to give me some money


I want to be as transparent as possible with the management of this website, so I will explain the economic situation of the web and how you can contribute to the survival of the web.

Maintenance costs covered for 2021-20220%

The percentage bar corresponds to the money I received for your purchases and donations to pay the costs between August 2021 and August 2022.

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