How many people work on this website?

Only one, and given the nature of the deals is a full-time job every day of the year (keep this in mind before criticizing my work).

Why stores like G2A, CDKeys or Instant Gaming are not on the page?

They are stores that do not work with developers or publishers, they obtain keys from the games by other ways without direct consent from the creators. Everybody wants cheap games but I’ll put those deals where the creators get money for their work.

Can I copy your deals to other webs or forums?

Of course, but keep in mind that many of the deals include referrals to help me cover the costs of the web and are usually prohibited.

Why all prices are show in Euros?

There is only one person behind this website, it is impossible to verify each deal for more than 200 countries (different prices and restrictions), for this reason all the deals are in Euros and only the promotions available for Europe will be show. And why this? This website operates from Spain (Europe).

What is your protocol when announcing new deals?
  • The games must have a minimum of quality, and how can i check it? Looking at its reviews, if the game has many reviews the game has enough quality to have been criticized. But i recognize that it is difficult to evaluate the quality of many indie games, so this point is not perfect.
  • The games should have an interesting discount, for example, if the game is recent 33% is interesting but if the game is many years old and only has 33% then it is not interesting.
  • I look to not repeat the same deals in a short time, for example after big promotions tend to repeat the same games with the same discounts, if I detect it I will not put these deals.
I opened a link with deals and load the main web, to what is it due?

Every time a promotion ends it is deleted from the web, it does not make sense to show you old promotions (unless you have a Delorean from the Back to the Future).

Are you going to keep track of historical prices?

No, it could but due to bundles and free games no one can keep an adequate record, doing so would only lead to confusion. Other portals show this information but it leads to spreading false information and i believe it is better to show current deals instead of showing if a game was 10 cents cheaper in one country at a specific time 5 years ago.

There are games that do not show the reviews they have on Steam, why?

There are two possibilities:

  • The game has a different name than Steam, it happens a lot with special editions.
  • The game has less than 100 reviews, which is the minimum I use to avoid fraud with the reviews.
How do you generate the entries with new deals and promotions?

The entries on this website are generated using the Steam Deals app, you can see how it works and other gaming apps for Windows 10 by visiting this website.