Again Steam Tracking returns to give details about Steam and a few hours ago it has leaked spoilers in the code about the upcoming Summer Sale of Steam.

First, the theme of the event will be on road trips and will have an “additional discount” if a minimum purchase is reached:

Secondly, it seems that the Steam store will adapt “dynamically” to the accumulated discount that I mentioned before, so any website that records the minimum prices of games like SteamDB, GGdeals or isthereanydeal are not going to be reliable:

Thirdly, they have updated the part about giving awards to reviews and things from the Workshop, so it is assumed that one of the tasks of the event will be giving awards:

Fourth, they have added more “skins” to the profiles of Steam users (there are already 7 different skins), of course an event of deals seems like a good time to put these skins as rewards:

And although much less important, the store will have a temporary design change even in the shopping cart:

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